Cocoa Illume Tanning Face Gel 2 (medium to dark skin)

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Cocoa Illume Tanning Face Gel (medium to dark skin)


Cocoa Illume™ Tanning Face Gel (medium to dark skin tones) - 4 oz

The same aloe based gel formulation as our Cocoa Illume Lite Sunless Tanning, but made specifically for those who prefer more color. Made with our proprietary blend of botanicals and herbs chosen for their soothing effect on delicate facial skin. Best for normal to oily skin. Because our Cocoa Illume Sunless Tanning Gel is formulated with aloe, it will feel cool to the skin when applied and you may experience a temporary tightening effect as it drys. Product should be stored in a cool, dark space, away from direct sunlight. Our Cocoa Illume sunless gel was formulated specifically for the face

This lightly scented and lightweight formula gives an instant glow and develops quickly giving your face a beautiful, healthy tan. Your skin tone appears even and sun kissed. You will be able to give your foundation a vacation. Avoiding excessive exposure to the sun is the most effective way to maintain healthy, youthful looking skin.

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