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Infinitude is a single product that works for all skin types, for all genders and at all times of day.

MMXV Infinitude makes existing serums, eye creams, day creams, night creams and moisturizers redundant.

Mirela Mitan, the founder and CEO, is one of the leading biochemists in the field of skincare and has been instrumental in both discovering and sourcing the most effective ingredients and creating the most successful formulas and products in the field.  She has taken her years of experience and combined them with the industry’s best established practices to create a skincare line unlike any other.

Infinitude has superior ingredients, scientifically advanced technology and a patented formula.  EXPERTISE PROVEN TO TRANSFORM YOUR SKIN IN ONE SINGLE STEP.  It is the first and only formula calibrated to give your skin exactly what it needs day after day, regardless of type (aging, dry, oily/acne-prone or sensitive).

With just one product the is no need for additional serums, eye creams, day or night creams or moisturizers.  Infinitude moisturizes, nourishes, balances, eliminates the look of wrinkles, erases fine lines, plumps the skin and increases elasticity.

Infinitude is the ideal product for everyone, particularly the global professional, with active on the go lives who need to save time and also want an easy effective way to maintain a daily skincare routine.


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